BKMB: BK Tikal Synthwave Song
BKM12: BK Hustle Synthwave Song
BKM11: G. The Mix Synthwave Song
BKM10: BK Major Synthwave Song
BKMB: BK Love Classic Rock Song
BKM9: BK Groove New Wave Song
BKM8: BK Couple R&B Song
BKM7: In The Future Pop Song
BKMB: BK Darkness Video Game Song
BKM6: BK Escape Pop Song
BKM5: BK Imperial New Wave Song
BKM4: Super Party Techno Song
BKMB: BK Crisis New Wave Song
BKM3 BK Shocked Techno Song
BKM2 J. The Sun Classic Rock Song
BKM1 BK Hostage Hip Hop - Modern Song
AMB: Anima Exercise Dubstep Song
AMB: New Release is here Video Game Song
AMB: Amusements Fun Heavy Metal Song
AM9: Anima Himself Trance Song
AM8: Anima Juvie Trance Song
AM7: Anima JROTC Trance Song
AM6: Anima Dancer. Classic Rock Song
AM5: Anima Beyond. Classical Song
AM4: Anima Disaster Trance Song
AM3: Anima The Magic Techno Song
AM2: That Wayne Is Here Country Song
AM1: New Anima Is On New Wave Song